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Day Four and Five of Plein Air Festival June 23-24 June 2022

The fourth day on Malahide. Parking and all about it took me most of the morning . Long story, happy that everything is sorted out . Beautiful and sunny day with warnings about coming showers. At some point I thought that it was time to pray for the weather to stay good 🙏. I was warned previously to secure painting to easel just encase of strong wind. Guess what🙈 I did know why for some reason I didn't do it. Our photographer captured the moment when I was trying to catch a flying painting😂. By the end of the day a new lesson was learned and two paintings completed. I was totally in a blue mood.



 Day five Dublin Plein Air Festival in Howth Summit. What a windy and cold day. It was the most challenging day so far 🥶. Lucky or unlucky me , the trolley to go down the stairs was not ideal for me and I had to look for a spot somewhere else. Another thing is that my painting companion got lost on the way here. I knew that I would end up picking him up at some point. Poppies next to the car park was my ideal place for my set up. With the wind and lessons learned from the day before no damage was done to my painting. Funny photo sessions came along with one completed painting 😂 , making me forget about the cold and wind. Weather conditions are one thing that Plein air is dealing with. Another lesson learned today.









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