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Last Two Days Of Dublin Plein Air Festival June 2022

Day six Dublin Plein Air Festival in Farmleigh House & Gardens in Phoenix Park. Lovely, sunny and reasonably windy too. I found an amazing place next to the pond. My set up choice was not as windy and plenty of sun. Little bit of vitamin D is always good to have 🤣 Day went so smoothly and I would almost say the best one for me up to afternoon. I manage two paintings , one bigger and one small one. Car park was not so close and I decided to unload most of my stuff and come back later for the exhibition part that we have every day. Guess what happened🙈. It was like heaven opened up and unbelievable wind and showers started. As you can imagine my paintings flow over and over. One of them has got touch of nature literally everywhere, another one completely destroyed. I completely forgot to take a photo of the second one, memory only left. New lesson learned: do not believe and trust weather, secure painting the whole time. Even with a disaster like this I still think it was one of my favorite days.



Day seven Dublin Plein Air Festival in Ardgillan Castle in Balbriggan. This was the only day I got booked the whole day : first part of the day Cornelius Browne Workshop and after lunch Quick Paint Competition. I thought weather Friday on Howth was challenging. Nope, nope and nope 🤣🤣🤣 Weather this last day was OMG. Best part was the strong nice and dramatic colour changes in the sky and light surrounding . Light rain mixed with showers had done damage to so many artists who worked with pastels , gouache and watercolors. Workshop with Cornelius Browne was a completely new experience. I definitely was outside of my comfort zone. I think that was exactly what I needed. The fact that rain constantly interferes with adding some fun is well worth it plein air painting experience. Now I can say I experienced some challenges starting from sunburn , cold, wind and showers during this week.