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About Me

Meet Dana, the artistic globetrotter! Born in the lively capital of Latvia, Riga, back in 1973, this creative spirit decided to spice things up by making a bold move to Ireland in 2001. And oh boy, did she bring some serious artistic flair with her.
Dana's artistic journey kicked off at the Riga Technical School of Art and Media (RMMT). But hold on, the plot thickens! During her time in Ireland, Dana didn't just twiddle her artistic thumbs; she dove into a sea of courses that weren't directly related to art. Nope, she went on a tangent and dabbled in Marketing and Sales at the College of Business Management (BVK), Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT).
And guess what? It turned out to be a stroke of genius! Those seemingly unrelated courses became like secret weapons in Dana's artistic arsenal when she decided to make her grand return to the art world. So, while she started with a splash of art education in Latvia, she mixed in some Irish knowledge magic to create a cocktail of creativity and marketing prowess.
Now, armed with a Bachelor's degree and a pocketful of useful tools, Dana is a force to be reckoned with in the art scene. Who says you can't blend artistic passion with a touch of business savvy? Dana's here to prove that you can have your palate knife and market it too!

Hold onto your paintbrushes, folks, 'cause we've got the hilarious tale of our Latvian buddy turned Dublin art sensation! So, this creative whiz has been living the Dublin dream for a whopping two decades, and in 2020, they leveled up to full-fledged Irish citizenship – not for their hair colour, mind you; it's all about that passport glamour!

Now, this art maestro didn't jump on the oil paint train until 2015. But once Dana dipped that palette knife in the rainbow potion, it was game over. Say hello to the accidental art career! They've been creating a masterpiece marathon ever since. Attending seminars and courses, both in the flesh and online, with some heavy-hitting Irish artists, has definitely left its marks, and now our hero's on a mission to make colors pop with emotion. Watch out, Van Gogh! :)

What started as a noble quest to rescue friends' walls from boredom turned into a full-blown exploration of the magical powers of beauty. Armed with oil alla prima and a palette knife that's practically a wand, our artist fearlessly tackles blank canvases. It's not just art; it's a confidence-building extravaganza!




If you're on the lookout for Dana's vibrant creations, you're in luck! Right now, you can feast your eyes on a fantastic array of her original artworks at "Grá the Coffee Bar" in Naas, Co. Kildare. And let me tell you, this place isn't just a coffee joint; it's a whole artistic haven with an expanded art gallery. It's basically your one-stop-shop for caffeine and creativity!

But wait, there's more! Dana's artistic magic has also sprinkled its way into the "Hungry Monk Art and Craft Gallery" nestled in the scenic Cong, Co. Mayo. If you find yourself in that neck of the woods, it's a must-visit for a visual feast.

There's more! Dive into Dublin's bustling art scene at the "Merrion Art Gallery," where Dana's VW Beetle creations are making waves. Get ready to immerse yourself in Dana's colorful world, right in the heart of the capital city.

Now, if you're into snazzy prints, Dana's got you covered too! Swing by the "Glasson Craft Gallery" in the picturesque Glasson, Co. Westmeath, where you'll find a mixed range of prints showcasing flowers and the iconic VW Beetle along with originals. And as if that's not enough, head over to the "Castlemartyr House Gallery" in the stunning West Cork to get another dose of Dana's artistic brilliance.

So, whether you're sipping coffee in Kildare, exploring art in Mayo, or cruising through Westmeath and West Cork, Dana's art is there to add a splash of color and creativity to your day. It's like a treasure hunt for masterpieces, and Dana's left her artistic gems in some pretty cool spots!

Hold up, she's not just painting pretty pictures; Dana teamed up with the talented Róisín Gavin to design CD covers for some classical tunes. You can snag Róisín's CDs at Boyle Craft Shop – Dana's art on the outside, beautiful music on the inside.

And the top three favourites to paint? Brace yourselves – it's flowers, glass objects, and old Volkswagen Beetles. But wait, there's more! Still life, marina scenes, and interior vibes also make it to the canvas, depending on the mood du jour. It's like a quirky choose-your-own-adventure, and our artist is the fearless storyteller.

Dana's art is making waves worldwide, popping up in collections from Ireland to Italy, Belgium, the UK, Latvia, and the USA. With her quirky subjects and artistic flair, Dana's not just an artist; she's a rock star in the making!

So, whether it's the charm of Dublin, the spirit of Latvia, or a newfound Irish citizenship, Dana is carving their colorful path in the world. Who knew that trying out oil paints years back would lead to such a vibrant tale of self-discovery? 





Dana's got this firm belief that staying active is the magical key to staying fit and somewhat healthy. And let's be real, she's giving it her best shot – even if it doesn't always go as planned. But hey, kudos for trying!

For Dana, sweating it out on a bike, taking a plunge in the pool, or hiking up a storm isn't just a workout routine; it's her secret weapon for clearing the mind and finding inspiration in the great outdoors. Mother Nature is her muse, and she's not afraid to break a sweat in the process.

But here's the real kicker – Dana's not just talking the talk; she's biking the bike! Commuting around Dublin city on a bicycle is just another day in her adventurous life. And it's not just a casual ride; she's got her pedal game strong, participating in cycling events like the Great Dublin Bike Ride. I mean, 2019 and 2023 were practically a highlight reel of memorable moments, and there's more where that came from!





I would like to thank Liga Osina for all the professional photography of me on this site.