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First Three Days of Dublin Plein Air Festival June 2022

The Dublin Plein air international outdoor painting festival is an annual event held in Ireland for a week in summer. The Dublin Plein air festival is the one painting festival I signed up for. I haven't done anything like this before. I'm so excited and looking forward to it. It is in my diary from Monday 20 to Sunday 26 June 2022.



 Monday 20th June First Day in Dublin Plein Air Festival was so interesting and confusing at the same time. Every single day is a different meeting/ painting point that makes it more interesting .The very first day took place at Skerries. Day was very sunny. I was covering myself to not get sunburn. Guess what , I managed anyway. To be fair I was not the only one , lots of us were very bright colored no matter our palette colors today. More careful on day two and for the rest of the week. I enjoyed every moment and I am trying to share it with you too. 


 Day Two on South Beach Rush. I ordered a folding trolley for carrying paintings for People art. It became essential equipment for moving my gazillion things for plein air too. Fact that it is my first one made me take almost everything I had at home. I was like a snail house pushing around the whole lot I thought I might need . One way or another I had a very productive day. Managed two paintings in the spot I picked up. I had planned to do just one and then might enjoy strolling along the beach or even sunbathing later. Flowers in front of me couldn't be left without attention and weather helped me to stay focused on.





 Day Three at the National Botanic Gardens. For some reason my energy level went up and down for no reason. Day actually started with rain, not heavy but still. Afterwards the whole day was dry and I would say quite warm too, I have to confess I was literally struggling the whole day long. Our photographer took quite interesting photos of me during the process. Let`s face it, I did not know I looked so funny😂. Let`s see what other days will be.